Issue Alert

Automatic issue alert emails are automatically generated when a client rates you poorly and wants to discuss these issues.

Identify Issues

Proactive Surveys identifies specific issues before they become serious problems.

Industry Benchmarking

With industry benchmarking your ratings will be compared against industry averages to enable you to identify areas where you need improvement and areas where you perform well.

Identify Risk Levels

Find out how recently your clients have spoken to your competitors.

Question Type

There are:

  • 6 general questions
  • 18 industry questions
  • and you have the opportunity to add a further 6 questions that are specific to your business

Results Interpretation

We will provide a comprehensive evaluation of the results and advice or recommend action if required.

Identifying Opportunities

Proactive Surveys gives your customer the opportunity to suggest new services or ways to improve existing services.

Its quick and easy for your customers…maximum of 7 minutes to complete.

As we are independent, responses will be more frank and honest.

It is a quick and inexpensive way to prevent a key client going to a competitor.

Your customer details are controlled by you and responses are totally secure.

This is not a DIY survey, Proactive Surveys does most of the work for you. The only area we need your involvement is to prepare your customer database for a mass email and we can assist you in this area if needed.

All industry questions will be prepared in conjunction with leading industry consultants.